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14 Years After Two Oklahoma Girls Went Missing, One Mother Still Holds on to Hope

Yesterday marked another year since Lorene Bible's daughter and her friend disappeared.
CLAREMORE, OK.---More than a decade after two Northeast Oklahoma teenage girls went missing, one mother still hasn't given up hope that she will find her daughter. Yesterday marked another year since Lorene Bible's daughter and her friend disappeared. Lorene says she will continue to do whatever it takes to find her daughter and bring her home. Bible says until the day someone comes forward, she will continue searching.

"There was 'I love you' and that was it. You never think that that is going to be the last word you hear from your child," said Lorene Bible, Missing Girl's Mother. 

14 years later, Lorene Bible has held on to hope she will see her daughter again.

"If you hide in a closet, nobody will find your child. If you're their voice, at least you're going to keep it out there. You're going to keep people looking," said Bible. 

Lorene has been looking since 1999, when her 16-year-old daughter Lauria and her friend Ashley Freeman went missing late December 29th or early on the 30th. Lauria was spending the night with Ashley to celebrate her 16th birthday. That night, a fire destroyed the Freeman's trailor west of Welch, Oklahoma. Authorites found the bodies of Ashley's parents inside.

"There's somebody out there that knows something. Someone just doesn't disappear off the face of the earth without people knowing," said Bible. 

She refuses to give up, spending more than 20 hours a week making fliers and phone calls, all to make sure her daughter's case isn't forgotten.

"We love her. We never stopped searching for her. Until the day I die. Unless someone comes forward that knows something, I will continue to do that," said Bible. 

These are aged progression photos of the missing girls, the first is lauria aged to 26 years. This is also a photo of ashley aged to 26 years. Both women would now be 30 years old. Lorene says there is a $50,000 reward offered in the case. If you have any information you are asked to call the craig county sheriff's office at 918-256-6466.

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