Game of the Week: Pittsburg takes on Webb City

Cardinals and Dragons face off in border rivalry

WEBB CITY, Mo. - The matchup of Pittsburg High School and Webb City provides cross overs in the offensive game.

For Webb City, it's the tandem of Cash Link to Alex Gaskill and with Pittsburg, Chase Curtis to Dylan White; out of the backfield for the Cardinals, Durand Henderson and with the Dragons, Jahalani Long. Both of the offenses have amounted over 90 points in their last two weeks.

"We're gonna have to be really, really defending well because they can throw it deep on ya," said Webb City Head Coach John Roderique. "They can throw it underneath, quick outs. You know the thing we've learned over the years, when we used to play Pittsburg High School, they're going to be as well coached as anybody we play."

Coming into this game, Pittsburg boasts a week one win over Harrisonville, the same program that defeated Webb City in last year's quarterfinals, en route to a Class Four State Championship, but the leadership in Kansas won't let that marquee win get to their heads.

"They know we're 2-0 and they don't really care about the two, beating Harrisonville because they know they're better than Harrisonville, and I guarantee they're ready to play us," said Pittsburg Senior Quarterback, Chase Curtis.

Pittsburg is in the midst of their second season with an Independent schedule, a move by Coach Nickelson to set his team up for tests such as this.

"We're just excited with the challenge to go over there and see where we stack up," said Pittsburg Head Coach, Tom Nickelson. "They're looking forward to the challenge, to the test. It's not something they're trying to shrink away from or shy away from. They're genuinely excited about the opportunity to go play Webb City."

Pride sits on both sides of the Kansas-Missouri border, and physicality will determine where that rests come game time.


"We just gotta man up. That's all you can do is man up, and they're fast, we're fast. They're physical, we're physical. It's just who's going to have the bigger heart Friday night," said Pittsburg Junior Linebacker, Jerek Butcher.

"They play really hard," said Webb City Senior Linebacker, Javis Berlin. "And obviously anytime they come over and play Webb City, they're going to play hard. And so I think what we have to do is just match their intensity."

Despite taking down Harrisonville, who where previously ranked number two in week one, Pittsburg will enter the game as underdogs, but they look forward to their shot at the top of Class Four.

"Just showing other people what we got. I mean, we don't get as much props as other teams do," said Butcher.

Curtis added "I'm ready for it. I wish I could just skip through these four days because I'm ready to play them. I could play them right now. It's going to be, live."

The 4-0 Webb City Cardinals host the 2-0 Pittsburg Purple Dragons on Friday, September 15th from Cardinals Stadium. 

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