Joplin Museum Complex Train Show 11/30/13

By Carla Pesono

Published 11/30 2013 09:42PM

Updated 11/30 2013 09:47PM


At the museum were collectable, model and antique electric trains. Even Thomas the Train made an appearance. 
  Also shown was operating layouts, collectable train memorabilia and over 60 tables of items for sale.
  Buddy Yockey, one of the professional model railroaders, says his favorite part about the show is seeing the children's faces in excitement. 
    Yockey says, "to watch the fascination of a child running up and they go, 'ooh trains,' in their little voices and everything. especially when I run my Thomas trains they really get a kick out of seeing them because it's something they are familiar to and they enjoy watching on t.v." 
   All proceeds from the train show will benefit the Joplin Museum Complex.
   For those who missed the show today, don't worry the shows are held twice a year. 
the next one will be in March. 

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