Youth Skywarn Network

Joplin - As we move closer to the peak of severe weather season, a group of southwest Missouri teens are helping to keep you safe.

Thirteen year old Caleb Sfair Is just one of about a dozen kids that participate in the youth Skywarn network. He says some of those kids are as young as six years old. The kids are licensed HAM radio operators, and work with The National Weather Service to spot and report hazardous weather from their homes. To keep their skills sharp, they check in with each other via HAM radio on Sunday night's at 7:30. Caleb says while it does take some work to get your ham radio license, it is worth it because of the impact they have.

"Just to help other people around the world who may not be able to get tv, or are out of power, and just need to listen in case of a severe situation," Caleb says.

You can learn more about the youth Skywarn network here.

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