World Senior Professional Bull Riders Tour

Wyandotte - Retirement is a time many of us see as an opportunity to slow down and take it easy, but for one group of men, the rush of doing what they love, and the prospects of winning it all keep them coming back to work, despite their age.

Riders with the World Senior Professional Bull Riders Tour competed at Bordertown Casino and Arena in Wyandotte this weekend. With riders as old as sixty-two competing for first place, tour organizers say this competition represents some of the most experienced people in the profession. For the younger riders, it is a chance to learn from those who've come before them.

"I find my self back here, rooting on those guys to beat me, or beat anybody else, and you can see the passion they have," says Kyle Sherwood. "I wish I would've had that when I was younger."

The riders will be back in the area again on August 26-27 at Bordertown Casino and Arena. On September 23 they will be competing at the Southwest City Rodeo Arena,  The finals will be held at Bordertown Casino on November 10-11.

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