Work Halted On King Jack Park Development Project

By Carla Pesono

Published 01/29 2014 08:07PM

Updated 01/29 2014 11:17PM

WEBB CITY, MO.--- The project to fill the Sucker Flats pit in King Jack Park has come to a standstill. 

"Contractor evidently has been in some kind of dispute with the sub contractor is what we've been told. They've been in a work stoppage since late last fall," said Carl Francis, Webb City Administrator. 
Webb City Administrator Carl Francis says the Environmental Protection Agency told the city the project would be completed two years from the start. 
"We've not been told anything different so far, but you know we are expecting right now it's going to be a little delayed, so we're hoping within the next year it will still be completed," said Francis. 

The EPA still gave the city assurance that the project is still going forward and crews are going to complete the filling of the pit, but the contract dispute needs to be worked out first.
"Soon as it gets cleared up, which we firmly believe they will get it cleared up soon and be back to work," said Francis. 

The 100 foot deep pit, called Sucker Flats, was once used for mining. Now, it's filled with contaminated waste that can harm human health and aquatic life.

"We're glad they are doing the work for us and getting it filled. The whole area, when it's completed, I think will be a big asset to the City of Webb City," said Francis. 

Francis says once the pit is filled, it would create 23 acres of extra land in King Jack Park for the city to use.

"The really neat thing about it is it's reclaimed land that hasn't been used for many years and it will be right along 171, and be a vital part of King Jack Park and downtown Webb City," said Francis. 

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