Weekend Drug Bust Leads to Recovery of Stolen Guns

Published 08/25 2014 05:52PM

Updated 08/25 2014 07:24PM

NEVADA, MO.--- A weekend drug bust led to the recovery of more than 40 guns. While investigators have identified at least eight of the weapons as being stolen, they're still working with the A.T.F. to identify the rest. 

"The description of the weapon, the caliber, the identification number of it, the serial number and all that. Send it in and they can do their trace where the gun was originally purchased from and we take it from there," said Mike Buehler, Vernon County Investigator. 

Vernon County officers say serial numbers are one of the most important identifications. Any law enforcement that comes into contact with it can run the number and know immediately where it was stolen from and who it belongs to.

"That can be anywhere from firearms, TV's, radio's, power tools, anything at all that they make a serial number. Just keeping that recorded helps us out a lot," said Sheriff Jason Mosher, Vernon County Sheriff's Department. 

The sheriff says more than half a pound of crystal meth was recovered, making it the biggest drug bust since he's been in office.

"That's meth that's not going to get sold to people here in Vernon County in our community. By the time that's sold onto the street and distributed, that makes a huge impact around here," said Sheriff Mosher. 

The drug bust also came with explosives, which were turned over to the Missouri State Highway Patrol Bomb Squad. The sheriff says the bombs are nothing new in the area. Last year they called the bomb squad out twice. 

"This case we found methamphetamines, firearms that were stolen, and some high grade explosives. It's not something you find everyday, but it's starting to become more common," said Sheriff Mosher. 

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