Webb City Girl Being Called a Hero

WEBB CITY, MO. - A young Galena girl is being called a hero after the carbon monoxide alarm she bought her great grandparents saved their lives. 

"It was his birthday so we got him one." said Madyson Boyes 1st Grader.

Madyson Boyes took a field trip to the Galena Fire Department last year where she was taught fire safety.

"Last year we always go to the fire department to learn about stuff and when we're there he always tells us we need a fire alarm." said Boyes.

But homes need more than just a fire alarm.

"He stresses carbon monoxide alarms for houses, and that's what saved the great grandparents lives this year." said Bill Hall Galena Fire Chief.

Boyes realized her grandparents didn't have one so she begged her mom to get her great grandpa one for his birthday.

"It just goes all through you and makes you shudder with the fact that knowing that they listen." says the chief.

And just a year later.
"Um there was a carbon dioxide problem." said Boyes.

The alarm woke the great grandparents up around 2:30 in the morning.

"The fire alarm went off so they went to my grandma and grandpa's." says the first grader.
Furnace exhaust was leaking into the home.

"It's colorless, you don't smell it, there's no odor to it, it's hard to say how long you have, most people they go to bed and they don't get up, that's sad to say." said Hall.

The alarm woke up them up and they were able to escape with no injuries.

"She's a hero as far as I'm concerned." says Bill Hall.

"Because or else if they didn't have one they would have gotten hurt 'Austin: But you stopped that right?' yeah." said Boyes.

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