Watered Gardens keeps its doors open for the cold

Tonight's lows are going to be frigid across the Four States, but some may have nowhere to go to get warm.

Before it started to get extremely cold, Dawndi Candow came to Watered Gardens to just keep out of the cold.

"I have nobody, I don't have no family, so if it wasn't for this place I'd be out there freezing to death. I mean, they make you feel comfortable. You get a nice warm meal, you have a bed, a hot shower. I don't know what I would do without this place,” says Dawndi Candow.

She ended up becoming a resident. Dawndi is one of many who are staying warm thanks to Watered Gardens.

"Usual protocol is we keep the doors. That way nobody has to freeze out there. If there's plenty of blankets available, then we'll see what we can do with that,” says Jocylun Brisson.

Jocylun Brisson went from being homeless to shelter director and is glad to see that when people come to take advantage of a warm facility, they could gain more than just a warm place to stay.

“It really warms my heart. It truly does, especially since it give us and other staff members the opportunity to talk about Christ to them and where Christ has taken us and give them some hope. Because they don't have to live like that,” says Jocylun Brisson.

Watered Gardens has overnight check-in from 5:30 to 6:30 in the evenings, and they hope they can help as many as they can keep warm.

“Please come here. You won't be turned away and it's warm and it's nice and they do you good. I mean it. Come, don't stay cold,” says Dawndi Candow.

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