Water Quality Monitoring Workshop

Joplin, MO - Water Quality Monitoring Workshop Dozens take part in a water quality monitoring workshop. Volunteers came in to learn how to conduct stream discharge from The Missouri Department of Conservation to determine the health of their stream. Some people came because they want to teach this practice to their school groups. Others came to share their new knowledge with their brothers, parents and their children. In general, a lot of people just want to know the conditions of the streams that their children are playing in. April Williams/Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring Coordinator with Missouri Department of Conservation: "Really what we're here today is to educate. We want people to understand water qualtiy and how we're impacting it and why we want it to be good quality." Josie Clark/Water Qualtiy Student: "I like to do a lot with water I swim competitively and I like to swim in the creek and practice distance or just mess around." The Missouri Department of Conservation holds ten workshops in the spring. The next one will be in Rolla, MO next Saturday.

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