Voters Turn Down Neosho School Bond Issue

Published 04/09 2014 08:04PM

Updated 04/09 2014 09:44PM

NEOSHO, MO.--- The Neosho School District is working to rebound from a $24 million bond issue turned down by voters.  52% voted to build a new junior high, but the issue required 57% to pass. Now the school district is figuring out what to do.

"I think some voters didn't understand that we weren't just wanting extras or frills, this was a necessity," said Sharris Hayes, 8th Grade Teacher. 

Those voters decided they didn't want a new junior high. Now the Neosho School District is trying to come up with plan B. 

"As a district, we have to determine if we have enough room to have mobiles, and if we don't, what's our next plan of attack. Is it to try to do a modulated type building for those two grades," said Dan Decker, Neosho Superintendent. 

The school bond issue was voted down in the April 8th election, and some teachers think Neosho residents didn't have a clue. 

"I think some people need to actually get into the classrooms or in the hallways to see how crowded it is here," said Hayes. 

Superintendent Dan Decker is trying to stay positive, but says adding more trailers might be the deciding factors to newcomers.

"I do know that as businesses and parents come in, one of the things they want to look at in determining whether they want to come and stay is the school. And when they see all the trailers, it's definitely not a positive," said Decker. 

However, Neosho students are still the main focus. 

"I just don't know. I thought really this would pass and I'm disappointed, but we go on and we do the best for our kids. Neosho students are worth our full attention and our best," said Decker. 

Superintendent Dan Decker says he hopes to get a plan together soon that will help with the junior high. They are hoping to put this issue back on the ballot in a future election. 

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