Volunteers work overnight to prepare for "Chase the Chill"

Local volunteers spent the night pinning tag after tag on hundreds of scarves to tie, hang and drape around the City of Joplin.

Jackie Weise spent the very last of her allowance money on something most kids wouldn't shop for: yarn.

"I had $10.80 on it. And the loom with the 50% off coupon it ended up being $10.80 exactly! So I was like oh my gosh!" says Jackie Wiese.

She bought a loom to perfect a new hobby.

"I tried to do a hat, but that didn't really work out very well so I decided to go on to the scarf,” says Jackie Wiese.

And soon enough, she was able to put her new knitting skill to good use.

"My bishop was going through a list of things that we could do for personal progress and one of them was learn a new skill and use it to help someone. I was like, I know something exactly good for that!" says Jackie Wiese.

And so Jackie made scarf after scarf by hand for the "Chase the Chill" winter clothing drive. But her efforts didn't stop there, she got her whole church to contribute as well.

="We had two giant bags full, so I'm thinking it might have been somewhere around two hundred,” says Jackie Wiese.

And this weekend they'll join other volunteers to tie more than 600 scarves on trees, light posts and benches across Joplin for those in need of a little extra warmth. Anyone who needs a scarf, hat or set of gloves can grab and keep what they find.

"I'll get to see the beauty of the scarves hanging on the trees. I'm just really excited for it,” says Jackie Wiese.

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