Verterans Information Fair

Published 05/14 2014 06:32PM

Updated 05/14 2014 06:49PM

MIAMI, OK.--- Local veterans are finding out about opportunities in the area. At the Verterans Information Fair, they were finding assistance in VA healthcare, mortgages and housing information, and various other services.  

"Keeping it in the spotlight, so that people know about them and the veterans know that they're cared for and they can get the treatment they need and get some help," said Michael Wright, U.S. Navy 1969-1991. 

U.S. Navy Veteran Michael Wright says a lot has changed since he was released in 1991. 

"Now the veterans are being welcomed home, which was a big difference when ever I first got out in the Vietnam era and stuff. Now the veterans know that they're appreciated and they're being helped and there's a lot more," said Wright. 

He tells us not only are veteran organizations expanding, but the military is also handing out information to men in service. 

"The military now gives a pre-seperation training so they understand what they have available about service connection injuries and things like that, organizations to go to," said Wright. 

Veteran Travis Knoblauch helps find employment for soldiers who've returned home. He says one mistake veterans make is giving too much detail into their military service, like explaining what they did as a drill sergeant.

"I would teach them the common courtesy and basic Army combat skills. When I give that to an employer, they see that and it almost scares them," said Travis Knoblauch, Disables Veterans Outreach Specialist. 

Knoblauch adjusts their resumes from drill sergeant to a name more people would understand, like instructor or manager.

"Talking more of it as a civilian view point and not so much military," said Knoblauch. 

Wright adds when a soldier leaves the military, he needs the VA booklet "Federal Benefits for Veterans, Dependents and Survivors."

"I tell them this is the Bible. Get this thing, read it, study it, every year a new one comes out. The VA gets it up to date on all their programs they have housing, education, disability benefits, veterans pensions, you name it," said Wright. 

The veterans fair also allowed spouses and other family members to view the resources available to them as well. 

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