Vernon County Authorities Recover More Than $10,000 in Guns and Ammunition

Published 02/17 2014 05:28PM

Updated 02/17 2014 07:00PM

NEVADA, MO.--- Vernon County authorities recover more than $10,000 in guns and ammunition from a home burglary. KSN's Rae Patterson shows us how law enforcement tracked down the stolen property. Officials found 10 firearms and about 10 boxes of ammunition in an abandoned building around 3:30 yesterday morning.

"Approximately 17 firearms had been stolen from the residents as well as some ammunition, we immediately started investigating it," said Jason Mosher, Vernon County Sheriff. 

Vernon County Sheriff Jason Mosher says the firearms were taken from the home outside of city limits on Thursday.

"Deputies responded as well as an investigator. They processed the crime scene and some fingerprints were taken from the scene," said Sheriff Mosher. 

Chance Hill, 19, and Gavin Doolin, 17, were both arrested for the crime and are being held in the Vernon County Jail on a $10,000 cash bond only. 

"We've had two warrants that's been issued already, they're for second degree burglary and removing firearms from a residential property," said Sheriff Mosher. 

Sheriff Mosher says a third suspect, who is a juvenile, is also in custody. He says there's no specific reason why people steal firearms. It's a different scenario for each case. 

"Some people steal them just because they want, maybe their a felon and they can't buy one, other people take them because they need money and they're wanting to sell them," said Sheriff Mosher. 

He tells us stolen property is hard to track down, especially if it's firearms.  

"You never know who took it. Did they go north up to Kansas City to sell it, did they go south? It makes a big difference if they had serial numbers on them or if they didn't write it down, you don't even really have a way to track that, but tips is a big part of solving crimes here," said Sheriff Mosher. 

In fact, along with fingertips, the help from the public is what lead Vernon County authorities to the stolen items.

"Most of our cases we work with citizens that give us some kind of information that helps lead to recovered property and making arrest," said Sheriff Mosher. 

The Vernon County sheriff says they are looking for a fourth suspect, who they hope will lead them to the remaining firearms. 

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