Vandals Deface a Golden City with Racial Slurs

(Golden City, MO) -- Vandals deface a Golden City Church with racial slurs.

Financial issues nearly forced a church in Golden City to close its doors.

Pastor Greg Earl says a group in need of a place to worship helped give the small church a second chance.

But to Pastor Earl's surprise the new spanish speaking group rubbed some the wrong way.

The pastor's wires were cut on his car and last Saturday a racial remark targeting Hispanics was painted on the church's door.

"You don't like what's here, then don't come here," Pastor Greg Early says.

Not only was a racial slur painted on to the door but the glass the was broken no the churches window.

Pastor Hector Arias runs some of the spanish services. He says he doesn't understand why such hate has fallen on the church's door.

"It just makes us stronger," Early says. "We are bonding more together. We are praying more together. I said if they do anything more to the church we'll fix it and keep going on."

They even invite those who vandalized the church to stop by and join them in worship.

Barton County deputies say they are looking into the situation.

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