Update: Bronaugh New Water System Project

Published 01/28 2014 04:30PM

Updated 01/28 2014 06:51PM

BRONAUGH, MO.--- Bronaugh residents will soon have a new water system that doesn't reek of rotten eggs. Walker's Board of Aldermen voted in favor of signing a contract with Bartlett and West in Jefferson City to design and construct Bronaughs new water well. Construction will cost almost $17,000. It's unclear when the construction will start at this time. 

Due to the large amount of hydrogen sulfate in the town's water, residents are dealing with discoloration and the smell of rotten eggs. Bronaugh's water and waste water operator is currently using a liquid chlorine to get as much out as possible. It's a short term fix, the new water system will pass as a long term solution with the Department of Natural Resources. 

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