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CARTHAGE, MO.--- It's been a dream of Lee Carlson's for years to open his own restaurant. That dream became a reality earlier this year when he opened "Rumor Has It" in Carthage.

"The opportunity happened, I took it. It's a good time, the economy is right on that fringe of happening again," said Lee Carlson, Rumor Has It Owner.

Lee isn't the only one who decided it's time to invest in Carthage. Several buildings that have been abandoned for years suddenly have new tenants. Lee says just because the buildings are old doesn't mean you can't make money.

"I think they need to be used. Old building are great buildings. They have so much," said Carlson.

Mark Elliff is the economic development director for Carthage. He says the interest is high, and he can tell because of the number of calls to his office.

"As of the end of the April, we've had the amount equal to that of last year," said Mark Elliff, Carthage Economic Development Director.

Mark says the economy, at least in Carthage, is showing signs of new life.

"Definitely a good sign for the economy. I think we're seeing a lot of things pointing to a recovery in our local area," said Elliff.

"If you're afraid of what's happening with the community. I don't think you shouldn't fear that. I think you should just go for it," said Carlson.

Mark says there are still a few empty buildings in the city just waiting for the right person to move in.

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