The Griswold of Jasper County

A local man is nicknamed the "Clark Griswold" of his Southwest Missouri community. His Christmas display is really something, and each part of the whole display has a special meaning.

"I get a little carried away, but that's what I love to do and I get a big kick out of it. If I could leave them up all year long I would,” says Robert Curtis, the man nicknamed the “Griswold” of Jasper county.

More than 37 thousand tiny lights make the Curtis home stand out around this time of year.

"I am the Griswold of Jasper!” says Robert Curtis.

Robert Curtis has been adding to his Christmas display for the past 24 years.

"He's thinking about it year round, he's thinking about it all the time. We'll be going on our way somewhere and he'll veer off the road to go to a rummage sale,” says Susan Curtis, Robert's wife.

His honest inspiration for the Christmas forest and twinkling towers? Hallmark movies.

"I watch them, re-runs especially I love the old ones better than I do the new ones, but I watch them constantly,” says Robert Curtis.

And certain features have a little extras significance, like a red white and blue tower for the troops and pink lights for breast cancer awareness. Along with a few angels to remember those who won't be spending the holidays with them this year.

"Sometimes it can be painful you know with lost ones and stuff, which it was for me. But I kind of use the lights as kind of an escape more or less during that time of year,” says Robert Curtis.

The hundreds of hours of setup and a pricey electric bill for the month, are all worth it to when visitors come by. 

"For me it's great, but for him, it's awesome. Because it just shows that people recognize how hard he works and how beautiful it is. I mean it is beautiful. This is the Christmas house of Jasper,” says Susan Curtis.

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