SWMO students test engineering skills at rototics competition

MCDONALD COUNTY, Mo. - For Sam Brewer and his group, it only took a couple of days to build their "Tiger-nator"-- an animal robot.


"Ours has chains so like a squid when it squirts ink, it just drags the chains on the ground and dust flies up so it can escape faster and it has wheels on its arm so it can roll out of there," explained Brewer.


It was one of many different types of robots competing in the in the inaugural Robot Fest in McDonald County. 

"We are trying to get our students really interested in engineering and design in robotics so they can be future-ready workers when they graduate from our high school," said organizer Angie Brewer.


More than 60 students in elementary school through junior high designed and built their own robots.

"I'm overwhelmed by the intelligence of our students," Brewer added. "They are so smart and they have worked so hard. They are so well-behaved and so excited and engaged and I think it's been a huge success and I hope it'll grow."


Students competed in several stages including explaining the construction process, what makes their robot unique and to have it move in all directions.

Sam says technology has come a long way in the past twenty years.

"Back then, they didn't know what to do with electronics, but it's 2017, so everyone knows what to do," said Brewer.


And at the end of the event, three student winners received a gift card and bragging rights. 


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