Surprise Home Coming

By Felicia Lawrence

Published 07/03 2014 10:08PM

Updated 07/03 2014 10:33PM

SOUTHWEST CITY, MO.--- For the past nine months, Army Specialist James Gardner has been dreaming about this moment. Gardner arrived in town two days ago, but he stayed at a relative's house so he would be able to surprise his two sons at this exact moment. 

"I'm coming home to my fiancee, Mercedes Cunningham, and my two little boys, my mother, my father, my sisters, everybody. I've had a lot of people waiting on me since the day I took off. It's been a good homecoming," said James Gardner, Army Specialist.

Gardner's two sons, Landon, 6, and Zachary, 8, weren't expecting their father for another three weeks. So, we when he popped up behind them while they were making a speech about missing their father, they were speechless. Landon and Zachary weren't the only family members missing Gardner.

"It's awesome. A mother prays for this everyday to make sure he comes home safe. And just hearing any news from him. It's awesome to have him home," said Angela Solis, Mother of Soldier.

With teary eyes, his mother says now her family feels complete.

"I love him and I'm so glad he's home. And don't leave again. I'm just glad he's home. He saw me at the airport when I picked him up. Everybody saw me balling like a baby, but I'm just so happy to have him home," said Solis. 

Zachary and Landon say the first thing they want to do with their dad is go fishing. 

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