Stone's Corner Roundabout Opens to Motorist

By Bryan McLoone |

Published 07/15 2014 09:19PM

Updated 07/15 2014 10:19PM

JOPLIN, MO.--- The Stone's Corner roundabout is now open for one lane of traffic, which has locals taking sides.

"Personally, I'm not a big fan of it. I think it slows traffic down and it's kind of confusing. A lot of people don't really know how to use a roundabout," said Stacia Snavely, Carl Junction resident 

"I like it. Too many cars going to Carl Junction, going into Kansas. And the traffic at five o'clock is a nightmare. So, I think this will keep it moving," said Donna Bergen, works in Joplin.

The Missouri Department of Transportation started the project in April, in hopes to get drivers through the intersection quicker.

"We were reaching our max, as far as amount of vehicles coming through the intersection," Ryan Dingman, MODOT construction inspector.

"Just yielding, not having to stop and let that traffic back up," said Bergen. 

"A lot of people don't pay attention to the yield signs," said Richard Davenport, Joplin resident.

MoDOT Construction Inspector Ryan Dingman says with the lights, cars sometimes would have to wait more than five minutes, to get through the intersection.    

"Going to the roundabout, we're going to increase that experientially. As we've already noticed this week, the traffics flowing through a lot nicer," said Dingman. 

Dingman says by next week, the roundabout will be two lanes, which still has people disagreeing. 

"My biggest concern is being involved in an accident because people don't know how to use it," said Snavely. 

"I go across the street to make a deposit and trying to get out of there, and just, the back up. I just like the roundabout, it will keep things moving," said Bergen. 

Dingman says the roundabout is scheduled to be completely finished at the end of August. With all the construction going on, MoDOT officials are asking drivers to be more cautious when driving through the roundabout.   

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