Startups for Soldiers Act

Published 03/07 2014 07:11PM

Updated 03/07 2014 08:37PM

JOPLIN, MO.--- Missouri lawmakers are pushing a bill that would help veterans start their own business. Jason Kander is an Afghanistan veteran and he's an advocate for fostering entrepreneurship. The "Startups for Soldiers Act" would help veterans by encouraging returning soldiers to start a business. Bubba Evansco understands the difficulties of returning home from the service.

"When I got back from the military, the hardest thing I could do was transfer my military skills to my civilian skills, so people back home knew exactly what I could do," said Bubba Evansco, Outreach and Recruitment Coordinator, WIB. 

Based on his experiences, he says a 9 to 5 office job may not be for every veteran.

"They may not be made for that cookie cutter role," said Evansco. 

A bill working its way through the Missouri legislature would encourage veterans to start a business.

"It would actually waive filing fees for members of the military coming back to Missouri who want to start a business," said Jason Kander, Missouri Secretary of State. 

Secretary of State Jason Kander served as an Army captain in Afghanistan, and supports the idea. 

"If more veterans become entrepreneurs, they are a lot more likely to hire their fellow veterans, and that gives their fellow veterans a leg up," said Kander. 

He says that would create more employers who understand the skills veterans can bring to the workplace.

:One of thing things I think is really a truism about returning veterans is that nobody understands the skills and the varied skills that they bring to the workplace than their fellow veterans," said Kander. 

Evansco adds that veterans have characteristics that are common of entrepreneurs.

"When they come back and they have that passion to start a business, we find that they are some of the most aggressive self-starters out there and their businesses seem to flourish," said Evansco. 

A House committee voted to pass the bill earlier this week. The next hearing on the bill has not been scheduled. If you are veteran seeking job help, Evansco recommends visiting the Missouri Career Center.

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