Spiva Center for the Arts Third Grade Field Trips

Published 01/21 2014 05:50PM

Updated 01/21 2014 10:58PM

JOPLIN, MO.--- Kids took a journey through history today at the Spiva Center for the Arts. 2014 marks the 15th year for the "3rd Grade Field Trips" through Spiva. For the next three weeks, 1200 third graders from Jasper County will be attending these field trips to learn about history through art. 

"We want kids to come in here. We want people to not be afraid of art. You know to experience it, to make it, and this is what we are all about. And that's why we do this every year," said Shaun Conroy, Spiva Gallery Coordinator. 

Spiva has chosen Roy Kerswill as its artist who is widely known for oil and watercolor paintings. The third graders will study Kerswill and his paintings of the Oregon trails hands-on. 

"After they see the paintings downstairs, they get to come upstairs and do some art. They get to make a birligig, which is a pioneer toy, and get to learn about Native American symbols and radial balance," said Kara Lee, McDonald Education Coordinator. 

The fun doesn't stop there.

"Then we come into the secret room, which we are in right now, and they get to help us paint this wonderful mural, which is an actual enlargement of Roy Kerswill's paintings," said Conroy.  

Third Grader Jordan Daniels enjoyed the painting part of the program, and learned something new, paint by numbers.

"It's like when it shows a number, then they color and you have to color it that," said Jordan Daniels, Third Grader. 

Third Grader Brodie Lane says he has learned a lot today, especially when it comes to his toys.

"Indian people didn't have have Nintendo DS or electronic stuff, so they made their own toys," said Brodie Lane, Third Grader. 

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