Southeast Kansas Humane Society Donation Needs

PITTSBURG, KS.--- The Southeast Kansas Humane Society deals with hundreds of homeless animals every year. It takes a lot of resources to make sure they're clean, housed and fed.

"We have a wide variety of pets out here we have many dogs and cats. Pretty much small, medium, large - we have it all," said Erica Wilson, Southeast Kansas Humane Society.

In fact, the Southeast Kansas Humane Society handles more than 1,000 animals a year. It's not cheap or easy to make sure they're properly cared for.

"We don't receive any government money. All of our daily operational costs come from donations, memorials, fundraisers, the occasional grant. So most of our money is from the community," said Wilson.

Cash donations go a long way to covering the day to day needs of all those dogs and cats.

"The adoption fees we charge cover the spay and neutering fee and basic shots. So, that's where we recoup those costs. The adoption events that we're holding right now are good because we get homeless animals adopted out and make more room for animals to come in and have shelter and food," said Wilson.

Writing a check isn't the only way to help. The Humane Society goes through a high volume of supplies. So donations of newspaper, cleaning supplies, canned cat food and litter will helping make sure the operation is stocked and workers can focus on what's important, helping homeless animals.

"We normally always run at capacity, we have a waiting list if we are at capacity. If some get adopted out, we'll call the waiting list and they can go ahead and bring them in," said Wilson.

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