Severe Weather Emergency Contacts & Information

 Emergency Contact Information During Severe Weather:

Dial 911

Empire Electric:
Phone: (417) 625-5100

Phone: (800) 621-3362

Media Outlets:
Phone: (417) 623-7260
Twitter: 4StatesNews
Facebook: KODE/KSN
NOAA Weather Radio

American Red Cross
Joplin: (417) 624-4411
Pittsburg: (620) 235-1436
National: (800) 733-2767

Weather Tips & Information: (Source: )

A watch is issued when the risk of a hazardous event has increased significantly, but its occurrence, location, and timing is uncertain. It is intended to provide enough lead time so that whose who need to set their plans in motion can do so.

A warning is issued when a hazardous weather event is occurring, is imminent, or has a very high probability of occurring. A warning is used for conditions posing a threat to life or property.

Severe Thunderstorm Warning:
This is issued when either a severe thunderstorm is indicated on radar or by a storm spotter reports that a storm is producing hail 3/4 inch or larger in diameter or winds equal to or exceed 58 m.p.h. People in the warned area should seek shelter immediately.

Tornado Warning:
This is issued when a tornado is indicated by radar or sighted by spotters, therefore, people in the warned area should seek safe shelter immediately.

Showery precipitation in the form of irregular pellets or balls of ice more than 5 mm in diameter, falling from a cumulonimbus cloud.

A visible electrical discharge produced by a thunderstorm. The discharge may occur within or between clouds, between the cloud and air, between a cloud and the ground or between the ground and a cloud.

Tornado Safety Tips:
In a home or building, move to a pre-designated shelter, such as a basement.
If an underground shelter is not available, move to an interior room or hallway on the lowest floor and get under a sturdy piece of furniture.
Stay away from windows.
Get out of vehicles.
Do not try to outrun a tornado in your car; instead, leave it immediately.
Mobile homes, even if tied down, offer little protection from tornadoes and should be abandoned.
Occasionally, tornadoes develop so rapidly that advance warning is not possible. Remain alert for signs of an approaching tornado. Flying debris from tornadoes causes most death and injuries.

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