Seneca School District Kicks Players off the Team

Seneca, MO- The Seneca School District releases a press release today in regards to the latest on the investigation into the Seneca hazing incident.

The release states that 12 students who allegedly perpetrated these acts will be suspended or expelled from school. The district has removed five students from taking part in sports for 365 days. Four additional students will be removed from the 2010-2011 Seneca High School football team.

The entire release is posted below:

"District personnel became aware of a situation on June 10, 2010, in which students in the Seneca R-VII School District (the "District") engaged in acts of hazing, acts which are in violation of Board of Education Policy, while attending a football camp at Pittsburg State University ("PSU") in Pittsburg, Kansas. Prior to any action taken by the Crawford County Prosecutor, District officials contacted local law enforcement and simultaneously conducted their own investigation into the matter.

During the District?s investigation, District officials interviewed the victims, perpetrators and District staff. Additionally, witness statements were taken and requests were made to law enforcement for copies of the police report. Further, the District, after having carefully reviewed the facts, took strong disciplinary action against the students responsible. The District?s disciplinary action occurred on or about July 1, 2010, prior to the issuance of any criminal charges. Disciplinary action for the twelve students who allegedly perpetrated these acts ranges from suspension to expulsion. In addition, and at the same time, the District removed 5 students from participation in athletics for 365 days. Four additional students were removed from the 2010-11 Seneca high school football team. Further, all of the students who have been charged criminally are prohibited from participating in the District?s athletic activities and will not be permitted to participate in those activities until they have either been acquitted or have completed the punishment handed down by a court of law.

District officials are also conducting an investigation to determine whether any of its employees failed in their supervisory duties while at PSU. Employees who may have violated Board Policy and/or their responsibilities to District students will be disciplined accordingly. This investigation is ongoing and will come to a conclusion by the end of the month.

As always, the safety and welfare of District students is the District?s highest priority. The District is committed to ensuring that our students are provided the highest quality education in an environment that is both safe and respectful. We assure you that the District takes matters such as hazing seriously and will work diligently to discipline all those responsible. We want to thank the community for its support and patience regarding this matter."

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