Senator Moran on Supreme Court Confirmation

Washington, D.C. - A Kansas Senator says the decision on when to begin the confirmation process for the next Supreme Court justice likely will not begin until later this year.
In March of this year, President Obama nominated Merrick Garland to our nation's highest court. The court has had an opening since the death of justice Antonin Scalia. Since that time, the White House and congress have have been in somewhat of a standoff, with the Senate refusing to being the confirmation process. Kansas Senator Jerry Moran says with the election just a few months away, the Senate will wait until then to act.
"The decision has been made that there's not going to be a hearing or a process by which judge Garland would be considered until after the elections,," Moran says. "So. we're just a few months away from the election, and I assume this will be a topic of conversation legislatively when congress is back in session in November and December."
If confirmed by the Senate, Garland would become our nation's 113th Supreme Court justice. 

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