Scooter Laws

JOPLIN ,MO - While fall is fast approaching it is still warm enough outside that many two wheel vehicles are still on the road.

 Among these are mopeds or motor scooters. These vehicles are street legal provided that the rider has a valid driver's license and obeys traffic laws. However, if a motor scooter goes more than 35 mph it also requires the driver carry liability insurance, a state license plate, and that the driver wears a helmet. Law enforcement agents say all drivers need to be aware of when these vehicles are on the road.

"People need to be aware that they, you know, on a quick glance they may not see a moped coming, and again somebody riding a moped typically isn't going to have a helmet on there not wearing a seatbelt. Your vehicle is going to be against a small moped and they're gonna be on the losing end of that." says Captian Trevor Duncan of the Joplin Police Department.

Officer Duncan also says that many people are suprised when told what they need to have to be on the road legally with their moped.


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