Schifferdecker Golf Course seeing financial boost due to weather and course improvements

Schifferdecker Golf Course seeing financial boost due to weather and course impr

JOPLIN,MO - Many people have enjoyed the mild winter we've seen around the Four States- including some businesses that are ahead of schedule thanks to Mother Nature.

"We've been out quite a bit actually. Me and a buddy went yesterday," says golfer Jesse Rall.

Jim Cupp, another golfer adds, "For just weekend players, we're all just out here having a good time and taking advantage of the weather."

Rall continues, "I'm golfing a little bit better today than I did yesterday but still, you can't not be outside right now."

Thanks to some beautiful winter days, business is booming at Schifferdecker Golf Course.

Daryn Buholt, Head Golf Professional at the course says, "We're up just shy of 600 rounds from November first of last year till now, based on the same time the previous year."

Putting the course more than $17,000 ahead of where it was last year at this time.  But there's more than just the weather to thank for that.

Buholt continues, "More people are coming out here and enjoying the improvements that we've made; more dollars that are coming into the course."

"The greens are actually pretty nice right now for being mid-March," says Rall.

Cupp says, "Brand new golf carts, they got 30 of them. They're going to maybe integrate those next year with another 30 gives us all nicer carts to use, it's just progress for Schifferdecker."

Improvements are still being made at golf course.  In the meantime, the golfers hope Schifferdecker and their own games, continue to progress.

"My golf games gotten better, so that's nice," explains Rall.

Some of the improvements include a face-lift to the interior of the clubhouse.  The Parks and Recreation department hopes to make the course a great place to relax after players are done golfing.

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