Royal Heights Elementary Day of Service

By Bryan McLoone |

Published 01/21 2014 05:24PM

Updated 01/22 2014 09:33AM

JOPLIN, MO.--- Students at Royal Heights Elementary spent the afternoon learning the importance of recycling. Recycling was the focus for the school's Day of Service in honor of Martin Luther King Junior, but Royal Heights Elementary has made a point to have a bigger emphasis on reusing items throughout the entire school year. 

"It's important because, you wanna make more stuff, instead of wasting paper," said Malik Williams, 5th Grade Student. 

"It's important to recycle because if you don't recycle, a lot of pollution rises in the air,"  said Felicia Tyler, 4th Grade Student. 

Some of the kids expressed their reason as to why recycling is important to the community.

"It provides jobs for people and it's just a good idea to recycle and keep your environment clean," said Tatum Stogsdill, 5th Grade Student. 

"The best thing about recycling is that you are helping the environment and your keeping the earth clean,"

Students recycled paper, made bird houses out of milk cartons, and played computer games aimed to teach the benefit of recycling.    

"It's important to teach because it symbolizes taking care of the earth and people around you for that matter," said Caleb Frankes, 5th Grade Teacher. 

Through recycling, students are learning to think about the bigger picture outside of themselves

"Knowing that they can make a difference and knowing that they can, when they see something that's wrong, there's got to be a solution. And that they can persevere and that they can make a difference in the lives of others," said Frankes. 

The neat thing about today was the teachers were very hands off during the activities. The older students were the ones teaching the younger students about recycling.

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