Representative Lynn Jenkins Addresses VA Hospital Issues and Jobs

By Felicia Lawrence

Published 06/08 2014 11:01PM

Updated 06/08 2014 11:14PM

GALENA, KS--- On a recent visit to southeast Kansas, Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins addressed the looming issues regarding V.A. hospitals. The House of Representatives recently passed legislation to give the Veterans Administration more authority to hold people accountable for their negligence. However, that legislation  was vetoed by Senator Harry Reid. The house is now awaiting proposed legislation from the Senate to solve systemic issues within V.A. hospitals.

"Well, I think it's a crime that the federal government would treat veterans the way that they've been treated with these waiting lists. People have died. These are people that have served our country. They're coming home. This is no way to treat these people," says Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins.

Our news team also asked Representative Jenkins what's at the top of her agenda. She says increasing jobs and improving the the economy is her main priority. She explains having a large, over-powering government is hurting the economy.

"We've seen it with tax policy, regulatory policy, energy policy,  and so right now in Washington I think all eyes on how to grow the government-- get people back to work by getting the government out of the way," according to Congresswoman Jenkins.

Representative Jenkins says her comittee is still working to reform federal tax codes. She says making them simpler and more fair will help strengthen the economy overall.

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