Rat Rods for Autism

You've probably heard of hot rods and classic cars. But have you ever heard of a rat rod? If not, you aren't alone.

"It's a vehicle built from many other vehicles, no shiny paint, things of that nature, just pieced together from five or six or 10, 20  different vehicles, parts and pieces,” says Michael Millman, Rats For Autism Founder.

So that's what a rat rod is, but what were they doing out in front of the Leffen Center for Autism? Millman wants to promote autism awareness as well as the center where his son attends.

"Few people do do stuff for autism and obviously this is near and dear to my heart, so I wanted to be able to do something and put a smile on the kid's faces,” says Michael Millman.

The group "Rats For Autism” may have only formed three months ago but already has 3,500 members. And while you might not think vehicles that shoot flames and make loud noises would be a hit with young people on the spectrum, clinical director Kristy Parker says, think again.

"They often have hobbies that maybe aren't completely mainstream hobbies, but are still very popular in our area. And so I think it's a perfect match with the Autism Center, something new and different and exposing our kids to that and have them support us is a really neat partnership,” says Kristy Parker.

Although they aren't as fancy as classic cars, Millman says there's often a lot more money tied up in a rat rod than in their classic counterparts.

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