Quick Action Expected in MO Legislature on Several Issues

Jefferson City - Local law makers say they are expecting to have several bills ready for Missouri Governor Eric Greitens to sign over the next few weeks.
State Representative Bill Reiboldt says he believes labor reform bills, like right to work, will be among the first items the legislature has prepared for Governor Greitens. Along with that, he expects to see tort reform, ethics reform and education reform bills come out of the legislature in the near future. Reiboldt says he believes the legislators were sent back to Jefferson City this year with a mandate to make changes in a timely fashion.
"I think we'll have a lot of things ready for the governor to sign late February, first of March," Reiboldt says. "I think the labor reform will, no doubt, be the first thing."
Meanwhile Senate President Pro Tem Ron Richard says he, too, is expecting several reform bills to pass through the Senate. But he says most of the bills are not new legislation. Richard tells us the Senate has had some of these bills in the past, and even passed them on to the governor.
  However, with the backing of Governor Eric Greitens, Richard says he believes at least some of these reforms will likely take place this year.
"All these reforms that the governor talked about we've been working towards over time anyway, we just had a governor that wouldn't sign them, and some of this legislation we've passed numerous times, we just couldn't get them signed, and didn't have enough votes to override," Richard says.
Greitens has already promised to sign right to work legislation as part of a labor reform package.

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