Quapaw Resource and Support Center Open to Storm Victims

By Gretchen Bolander

Published 04/30 2014 05:49PM

Updated 04/30 2014 08:32PM

QUAPAW, OK.--- Quapaw's overnight shelter is shutting down even as a new operations center opens to offer ongoing support to victims. There are more than a dozen agencies working together to address both immediate and long term needs for tornado victims like Aletha Rodgers.

"It makes me feel like people care, you know, and people try to pull together," said Aletha Rodgers, Quapaw Tornado Victim. 

Aletha spent the night at the Red Cross shelter last night. In Quapaw, the demand for overnight shelter hasn't been big.

"We housed one Sunday night and housed three Monday and Tuesday nights," said Sherrie Nida, Quapaw Wellnesss Center Director. 

She still needs help with food, a need she's hoping to fill with a visit to the Multi Agency Resource Center, or MARC.

"They gave me a card to replace what was in the refrigerator," said Rodgers. 

More than a dozen agencies are in one room. That means tornado victims have to make just one stop, whether they need help with clothing or medication, or money for rent.

"When they show up, we ask for identification and cross reference that with the damage assessment," said Brian Jensen, Red Cross. 

It really is one stop shopping. Across a breezeway filled with donated supplies, victims can pick up cleaning supplies, clothes or food. Integris Health is serving hot meals for victims and volunteers. During the meal, there's a chance to share their experiences.

"What these people have gone through is one of the most devastating things they'll ever go through in their entire life. And sometimes just a hug and a listening ear can be a huge relief to people," said Nida. 

Damage assessments are still ongoing, but we have a better idea of the numbers. Of the roughly 52 homes affected, 29 sustained minor damage, six had major damage and 17 were destroyed.  There were also six businesses leveled. It all happened Sunday night when an EF-2 tornado tore a five block path through the town.

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