PSU student breaks stereotypes in extra curriculars

PSU student breaks stereotypes in extra curriculars

PITTSBURG, Kan. - A PSU student is breaking stereotypes proving that you really can't judge a book by its cover.

He's been called Gentle Giant, Captain, but others know him as Jarred Donnelson and as a man of many talents, he's paving the way for others to be who they want to be.

When you look at this guy, what do you see? A football player? A weight lifter? What about cheerleader...

"My captain is Jarred Donnelson,  he is really kind of an unusual person to have on a cheer squad," starts PSU Cheer Coach Linda Graham.

At 6''2 and 220 lbs, most people would probably expect to see Donnelson on a football field.

"I was at Butler, playing football at Butler Community College and my brother and I decided to transfer here," says Donnelson.

After coming to Pittsburg State, it didn't take long for word to spread about this man of many talents.

Graham explains, "We had heard that there was a National Judo Champion on the campus, so we start investigating and we saw this huge guy in the weight room."

A little hesitant at first, Donnelson eventually checked out a practice and eventually learned to love and appreciate the sport of cheerleading.

Jarred Donnelson exclaims, "The amount of work that goes into cheer is out of this world and I feel like if people were able to see that, they'd have a completely different aspect on cheer."

This is coming not only from a former football player and judo champion, but someone who does MMA fighting as well. While Donnelson has seen his fair share of critics, he doesn't let them stop him from breaking stereotypes.

"I'm not afraid to be me and I'm kinda the dude, that if you don't like the way I am that's ok but I'm still gonna continue to be me, "shares Donnelson.

And it's that attitude that's earned him his title as captain.

Graham says, "He's just a good role model. I love the fact that everybody looks up to him."

"It's ok to be a cheerleader, it's ok to write poetry, it's ok to do that kind of stuff, that's definitely something, a stereotype that I would like to break," finishes Donnelson.

The captain will continue to cheer and break stereotypes for the rest of his senior year.  After he graduates he will take his criminal justice degree and become an officer of the law, just like his dad.

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