PSU 2014 Legislative and Budget Meeting

By Felicia Lawrence

Published 02/14 2014 08:39PM

Updated 02/14 2014 10:54PM

PITTSBURG, KS.--- Pittsburg State University held its 2014 legislative and budget town hall meeting today. PSU leaders spent the afternoon meeting with faculty and staff about the university's budget.

"The point of today's session is to really update the campus on what's going on in Topeka and how that might effect Pittsburg State University," said Dr. Steve Scott, Pittsburg State University President.

This upcoming Wednesday, University President Dr. Steve Scott will meet with legislators in Topeka to garnish more support for the university. The hearing will be used to discuss Kansas Governor Brownback's budget recommendations. University President, Dr. Steve Scott says this upcoming fiscal year should be better for the university.

"So, fiscal year 2015 is actually looking better than fiscal year 2014. There's no doubt about that, but we've got some work to do to make sure that the House and the Senate support the governor's requests, and that's what we'll be talking about on Wednesday," said Dr. Scott.

Because of the state's rushed budget from last year, PSU suffered a $900,000 cut, which they had to make up for.

"We believe that we're doing the right kinds of things, certainly for the Kansas economy. Things that the Kansas Legislature likes to see that we're doing. Nonetheless, in the overall mix of things, we ended up with a cut that didn't feel very good, and then that cut had an immediate impact on the tuition," said Dr. Scott. 

Regardless of the major budget holes from last year, Pitt State leaders have still sustained economic security.

"Funding from a financial stand point at Pittsburg State University is strong. I think generally we are, in relation to the legislature, we are in a positive position. We have done a great job in aligning our programs and offerings with the economy of Kansas," said Shawn Naccarato, Director of Governmental Relations.

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