Police Department Neighborhood Watch and Home Security Meeting

By Bryan McLoone | bmcloone@nexstar.tv

Published 03/26 2014 09:52PM

Updated 03/26 2014 10:20PM

FRONTENAC, KS.--- Residents in Frontenac met tonight to learn how to make their neighborhood safer. The Frontenac Police Department held a "Neighborhood Watch and Home Security" meeting tonight. People who came today learned how to look for suspicious behavior and what information they should note when they see something happening. The main goal of the meeting was to get people to not only keep an eye out for their neighbors, but to actually know their neighbors. 

Lynn Grant has lived in Frontenac for almost three years. She says she looks for suspicious behavior in her community, even when most are sleeping.

"I get up in the middle of the night and always kind of look out to the neighbors across the street and on the other side," said Lynn Grant, Frontenac Resident. 

Grant says no one knows when someone is going to commit a crime.  

"You don't know who might come in. Sometimes they just take little things that people don't notice until they hit them again and again," said Grant. 

Frontenac Police Chief Randy Flora leads a neighborhood watch meeting a couple times a year.  
"At these meetings, we teach them what to look for, what kind of information to garner when they do see it," said Randy Flora, Frontenac Chief of Police. 

Chief Flora says residents should keep track of vehicle color, type and how many people. It is also a good idea to know their neighbors.

"Know their phone numbers, know who comes and goes. So that if there is a stranger or a strange vehicle, they are going to call the police," said Chief Flora. 

Chief Flora says when their are more eyes on the streets, crime tends to happen less frequently.

"When the community pitches in and helps, it sure makes our job go a lot easier," said Chief Flora. 

Grant says she feels more comfortable knowing their is someone looking out for her. 

"If neighbors can keep an eye on their places, it's just a more secure feeling," said Grant. 

Chief Flora told residents to make sure no trees or bushes are blocking their view of doors and windows. Flora says the most important thing every homeowner should have is a good and bright flash light.    

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