Pittsburg's Newest Addition Helps Beautify the Town

Owner of Vietti Auto Body Shop Jeff Wood says, "It's going to make our business look better and hopefully draw more people around this side of town to look at it."

Daron Hall, Pittsburg City Manager says, "This is a first step in beautifying this arterial corridor."

Pittsburg residents may have noticed some construction at the intersection of Joplin and 4th streets. A new 10-foot wall stands to help create a more appealing landscape for the town. 

Wood says, "I think it looks really nice. I think it's going to be a nice addition to this part of town since it was such an eye sore."

Kari West, Business Manager for Westar Energy says, "You can see behind me the substation has a lot of lattice structures, and it is an older structure; however, it's still very functional and we've made some reliability improvements with this project as well."

Hall says, "Understand that we're asking them for a wall to cover up one of their assets, and they were willing to take a look at it, and they found a great solution, and worked with us, and you can see behind me it's a great improvement."

West says, "It's more of a decorative feature for the area, and trying to spark redevelopment."

This wall is just the beginning of what's to come for Pittsburg. The wall will get two additional panels next year, and the city is looking to further the beautification in this area of town. 

West says, "We still have some staining and sealing to do. We've got some erosion control and things like that, but the problem's getting close to wrapping up."

Hall says, "We're making a huge effort to improve our overall corridor, so 4th street all the way through town." 

West says, "When our communities do well, we do well. Plus, our employees live here, so it's a win win for us."

Hall says, "We will continue to do our part, but you can definitely see that the private sector and our business partners are doing their part as well."

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