Pittsburg State's Growth Plan

By Felicia Lawrence

Published 02/15 2014 08:09PM

Updated 02/15 2014 08:28PM

PITTSBURG, KS--- Pittsburg State University leaders are preparing to discuss their growth plan with Kansas State Legislators this upcoming Wednesday. After surviving major cuts from last year's rushed budget, university leaders are already preparing for a brighter future-- and hopefully a bigger pocketbook.
University leaders plan to spend the next two years increasing the number of students enrolled at the school. They also plan to increase retention rates, scholarships, and the number of student minorities. By obtaining growth in all these areas, school administrators are expecting the end result to be a significant growth in funding.

"Each student at Pittsburg State University represents over $11,000 in economic activity, in Pittsburg. So, if you're just thinking about from a dollars and cents stand point, that's a significant impact. So when you have 7,000 students, and you take that times $11,000 per student, that is a huge economic driver for Pittsburg," says Pittsburg State University's Community and Governmental Relations Director, Shawn Naccarato. 
University leaders say economic growth is a high priority in their overall mission of developing the university.

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