Pittsburg State University Unviels its New Design and Engineering Lab

Published 02/26 2014 09:32PM

Updated 02/26 2014 10:31PM

PITTSBURG, KS.--- Pittsburg State University unveils a classroom unlike any other in its technology building. Instead of the traditional ribbon cutting ceremony, the Kansas Technology Center at Pittsburg State University used a handsaw to cut a wooden ribbon, unveiling its new design and engineering lab. The lab was designed by Pittsburg State Grad Students Chris Bell and Scott Vasey in the Spring of 2012.

"Me and one of the other grad students designed the whole room and then basically sent it off to where it is now," said Chris Bell, Designer.

The center was built mostly by students, funded by a $30,000 grant from Advanced Fixtures Incorporated. 

"If we're going to be involved and we want to get graduates here, we want to make an impact and make a difference," said Tony Ewing, President Advanced Fixtures.

Construction of the lab began in November of last year, and the secret project is finally revealed today.

"I still walk in this room and I've been in here everyday for the last, you know, several weeks, the last couple of weeks, and I am still kind of in amazement every time I open this door because you can't express or explain what this room looks like through pictures," said Charlie Phillips, Assistant Professor of Wood Technology. 

Workers wanted the element of surprise, so they forbid any pictures to be taken until the reveal.

"This is just incredible. We knew that it was going to be a nice facility but when they opened the door, I was pretty shocked. It's very impressive," said Ewing. 

"It's definitely one of a kind," Phillips. 

"It's absolutely beautiful. I wouldn't change a thing," said Belll. 

Advanced Fixtures hired its first PSU grad three years ago, and has already hired four more.

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