Pittsburg Police Now Equipped With Tasers

By Felicia Lawrence

Published 03/14 2014 09:02PM

Updated 03/14 2014 10:14PM

PITTSBURG, KS.--- The Pittsburg Police Department is finding a new way to protect its officers and the people they serve. For the first time, Pittsburg police will be equipped with tasers. Sergeant Chris Moore knows firsthand how tasers will help keep police officers safe.

"I happened to break my hand during an altercation with an individual who was resisting arrest, so I was out of work for 8 weeks," said Sgt. Chris Moore, Taser Instructor. 

He says anything that will help reduce officer injuries should be considered an investment.

"This is a great step for our department. This is a major officer safety issue. Any department that have had tasers in the past, their officer injuries have gone down. Officers aren't having to go hands on as much, which is causing injuries. With these, hopefully, we don't have anymore," said Sgt. Moore. 

The voter-approved public safety sales tax has allowed for the purchase of 52 tasers, one for every police officer on staff. This entire week was devoted to training those officers on how to properly use the piece of equipment.

"We've been conducting training for the entire department, including the chief on down, both with classroom and exposure type training," said Major Brent Narges, Pittsburg Police Department. 

One major part of the training, every officer must get tased. Major Brent Narges says if an officer knows how it feels, it will hopefully make him or her think twice before using it.

"They will experience what exactly is happening when an individual is tased. So, they will be more cognizant of deploying them and understanding the effects of them," said Major Narges. 

Each taser cost approximately $1,200. Tomorrow will be the first day Pittsburg officers will be equipped with the tasers.

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