Pittsburg Police New Records Management System

By Felicia Lawrence

Published 07/09 2014 09:39PM

Updated 07/09 2014 10:15PM

PITTSBURG, KS.--- Pittsburg police are embracing the 21st century with a new police records management system. 

"We need a much more robust, stronger system," said Lt. Tim Tompkins, Pittsburg Police.

The computer system officers currently use was installed in 1999. 

"The current software that we have, just doesn't have the analytic ability that we truly need for modern policing," said Lt. Tompkins. 

Lieutenant Tim Tompkins says the department will now have better communications with officers in the field and provide them with vital information.

"Right now with our system, a person may call and make a complaint, their car was broken into. Then the officer has to go get that name again. And then if we end up and solve the crime and arrest somebody, then we may have to put that name in again and you get that duplication," he said. 

Lt. Tompkins says the new technology will compile records and simplify work for officers in the field. 

"With the new system, all those functions will be embedded in one application. So when they enter that one time, they're going to get all that information on one platform. So, it''s just going to make it that much faster getting the information out to the field," he said. 

The Pittsburg police will also use the software to collect crime data throughout the region. The crime-analysis process would then help police prepare and prevent more crimes from happening.

"It also has a pretty advanced crime-analysis piece, which we didn't have before. That helps look for trends, helps us decide where we should put our patrols. It suggests ways to improve our investigations," said Jay Byers, Asst. City Manager.

City leaders estimate the new software will cost about $500,000. That money will come from the public safety sales tax that Pittsburg voters approved last year. Police hope to start the six month transition to the new software by the end of this summer.

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