Pittsburg Hotel and Retail Feasibility Survey Results

By Felicia Lawrence

Published 01/29 2014 09:20PM

Updated 01/29 2014 11:19PM

PITTSBURG, KS.--- The City of Pittsburg is working towards a brighter economic future. The Pittsburg Chamber of Commerce has just received the results of a "Hotel and Retail Feasibility" survey designed to tell the city how they should invest in more industry. The $25,000 survey was conducted by two-third-party investment firms located outside of the state. The Chamber of Commerce is planning to use the research and data from the survey to market Pittsburg and attract major retailers.

"We're pretty well undeserved in terms of retail. In fact, they concluded that we could justifiably support 160,000 square feet of retail and restaurants," said Blake Benson, Pittsburg Chamber of Commerce. 

The Pittsburg Chamber of Commerce has just received the results of a recent economic survey. It's designed to provide the city with direction in how they can expand their retail and hotel industries.

"This was an effort to provide research-based recommendations for the types of retail and hotels that Pittsburg should be recruiting," said Benson. 

The $25,000 "Hotel and Retail Feasibility" survey analyzes the buying power of the city. It was conducted by Jeff Green Partners and Hoffman Strategy Group, which are two-third party investment firms located outside of the state. Downtown district coordinator, Jeff Wilbert, says it's imperative for the downtown area to be filled with more businesses.

"If we have a lot of empty buildings downtown, people might think twice. If you see people shopping in the downtown area, I really think that's important for someone that's thinking of maybe relocating their business to Pittsburg," said Jeff Wilbert, Downtown District Coordinator. 

The study used scientific research and data to deliver a sales forecast. The sales forecast shows which major retailers the city should be attracting and how they would profit from settling in a place like Pittsburg.

"We will also be approaching these retailers to see if they ever looked at Pittsburg, to see if Pittsburg is on their radar. And to make sure that they get this information," said Benson. 

The survey shows that the city could support one more hotel. The survey also shows that the city would benefit from restaurants like Panera Bread, Chipotle, Buffalo Wild Wings, or even a Culver's. This hard data can now be marketed to any of those retailers in effort to persuade those businesses to invest in Pittsburg.

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