Pittsburg family recreates famous "A Christmas Story" photo

Pittsburg (KS)- If you recognize the line "you'll shoot your eye out," you're probably one of the countless fans who've watched the movie "A Christmas Story." Now one Pittsburg family is making it part of their holiday this year. 

The Naccarato family switched out identities with the Parker family from the movie. Now they can share their love of the movie with all their friends through a unique christmas photo.

"I remember looking at her and saying ‘how funny would it be if we would recreate that?’" says Shawn Naccarato.

"And I was like ‘I don't know,’" says Chrissy Naccarato.

After going back and forth a couple of weeks, an online find clinched the decision.

"The bunny pajamas, actually it's interesting, we searched for those. That was something we really did have to look for,” says Shawn Naccarato.

Dad Shawn became Old Man Parker. Mom Chrissy is Mother Parker. 12 year old Jude steps into the movies starring role.  

"He was excited about being Ralphie,” says Norah Naccarato.

But he would have traded his sister Norah to be Randy in those famous PJs.

"I probably would have because it would be so comfortable,” says Jude Naccarato
It doesn't stop with the characters. After all, you can't leave out the leg lamp.

"You know it's a major award, a major award, it's fragile,” says Shawn Naccarato.

Pittsburg photographer Brett Dalton took the photo and shared it on social media. That prompted reactions in the classroom and at the grocery store.
"People I know, they'd be like ‘oh my gosh this is so funny,’" says Shawn Naccarato.

And it sets a standard for their family photo that could be tough to beat.

"I think that next year we might have to do like Christmas Vacation or something,” says Chrissy Naccarato.

"A Christmas Story" is their favorite holiday movie. They probably watch it five to ten times a year. They add Scrooged, A Christmas Carol, and It's A Wonderful Life are also in the holiday rotation.

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