Pittsburg city leaders hire economic consulting firm to attract more businesses

PITTSBURG, Kan. - For sometime now, Pittsburg city leaders have been trying to revitalize the town by attracting more businesses, creating entrepreneurs and developing more housing. Now, the city has created a master plan to put its vision into action.
"You have resources that have never really been leveraged appropriately, and I think with this plan, we are making sure that all your assets are leverages to bring about the best economic development for the City of Pittsburg," explained Angelos Angelou, the president of Angelou Economics.
It was created by Angelou Economics, an economic consulting firm hired in May by the city for $70,000..
"Even if we had all that information, we weren't always able to then parlay that into action steps, so this is a very easy-to-follow schedule with define time lines and deliverables," explained Blake Benson, the Pittsburg Area Chamber of Commerce president.
The plan includes a strategy to give Pittsburg some direction on the kinds of businesses to target and how to get them to move to Pittsburg. For example, the economic firm has taught the city how something like an extensive water supply can attract businesses like grocery stores.
"When you combine that with the facts, a lot of those companies are leaving states that are drought-stricken and are really under a lot of water restrictions. Perhaps they're looking for communities like Pittsburg that have an abundant water supply. We've just never had the expertise to better utilize that and capitalize on that," Benson explained.
The more than 100 page plan includes instructions for each city department, as a way to engage everyone.
"The final part of the report will include an implementation schedule where all the strategies and action plans will be listed along with a specific timetable and what organizations will be responsible for each task," said Angelou.
Benson says the group is waiting for feedback from area residents and business. Once they receive it, they hope to have the plan finalized by the beginning of December.

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