Pittsburg cat returned to owners after being missing for two weeks

A cat from Texas is returned to its owner after being lost for more than two weeks in Pittsburg.

Texas native Vicki Neu was driving with her husband late one night through Pittsburg when her cat, mMr. Peabody jumped out the window. 

Vicki Neu, Mr. Peabody's owner told us "I've been crying for 24 hours. We were just so heartbroken. It's just so uncharacteristic of him."

After three hours of searching for the cat, the Neu's had to leave him behind. She posted his story on the SEK Humane Society Facebook page, and several people joined in to post flyers and help find Mr. Peabody.

Elizabeth Kutz, Pittsburg resident says "I went door to door and just handed them out and talked to a lot of students and people who were more than willing to help."

Amy Gray another Pittsburg resident told us "we went several times and walked the campus and were yelling the dog's name, the dog's name is Reecy, and so we would yell Reecy's name, and then we would yell Mr. Peabody, and I think all the neighbors thought we were a little bit crazy."

With the use of social media, Mr. Peabody's flyer was shared by students and Pittsburg residents. And Tuesday he was found safe after being cared for by various students on campus. 

"It shows you what the value of social media can do, because without that kind of social media there is no way we would have been able to catch him, to find him,” says Elizabeth Kutz.

"The fact that somebody recognized him and picked him up and grabbed him and kept him for Vicki was really really great,” says Amy Gray.

"This is a town y'all can be proud of. I just can't thank everybody enough,” says Vicki Neu.

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