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JOPLIN, MO.--- Joy Lawson just added a new member to her family, 12 week old Abby.

"She's perked my life up so much. You know, when you get a little older you really need something active in your life," said Joy Lawson, New Dog Owner.

Their first trip together was to Main Street Pet Care.

"For the first 12 weeks she gets booster shots," said Lawson.

Veterinarian Doctor Ben Leavens says it's crucial for owners to take their newly adopted pets to the vet within a week.

"It's routine for us to find unresolved issues on adopted pets whether it be from a shelter, a pet that they found or one they bought," said Dr. Ben Leavens, Veterinarian.

Getting routine shots is first on the list.

"Diseases we vaccinate against are parvo and distemper, parvo is extremely common in the four states," said Dr. Leavens.

A thorough exam is also vital on the first visit. That can include blood tests and heart worm screenings for dogs. For cats, feline leukemia and aids tests.

"Checking the mouth is really important. We look for all types of dental disease and of all the animal we see routinely about 70% have some kind of dental disease," said Dr. Leavens.

Doctor Leavens recommends dental hygiene products. As well as flea and tick medications. Finally, he advises you look into pet health insurance.

"It's a very good way to protect yourself against unexpected expenses with your pet," said Dr. Leavens.

For Lawson, all the trips to the vet are well worth it.

"She's the center of my life now," said Lawson.

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