Overnight Storms Overturn Two Campers

Published 09/02 2014 06:37PM

Updated 09/02 2014 08:03PM

REDINGS MILL, MO.--- "Actually, like something that you would really see maybe in a movie," said Curtis Irby, storm victim. 

Curtis Irby and his wife were getting ready for bed when their camper flipped. 

"The trailer kind of jolted just a little when we were like standing in the middle of the trailer, and then it dropped straight down. And then the next thing we knew, maybe like a couple minutes later, you know it was just like, just a boom sound. You know, right next to us," said Irby. 

The Redings Mill Fire Department was at the scene. 

"We had multiple calls. Our first call was to River Bend Campground on NN Highway where two travel trailers that were overturned. We had two occupants in one of them. The other trailer was unoccupied. We did transport one occupant to the hospital," said Michael White, Deputy Fire Chief.

Curtis' wife suffered from minor injuries while Curtis had none. Their neighbor, Chelsea, heard them screaming when the camper flipped.

"She pulled the screen open and we just worked our way through the trailer, and we just squeezed through the, through the window and we were out. We are just thankful that it just didn't roll again," said Irby. 

The Irby family just moved to the campsite two weeks ago. 

"We were homeless, but not on the streets homeless. We at least had our vehicle and you know, we've been here for two weeks. And you know this, this happens," said Irby. 

According to the couple, the camper is a total loss and they're still trying to figure out where they will live. He says he's thankful to be alive and he's putting the housing situation in God's hands. 

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