Oswego Proposed Half Cent Sales Tax

By Bryan McLoone | bmcloone@nexstar.tv

Published 02/17 2014 05:14PM

Updated 02/17 2014 06:57PM

OSWEGO, KS.--- People in Oswego will vote tomorrow on a proposed half cent sales tax throughout the city. While the mayor says this is the fairest tax because the cost is distributed to everyone in Oswego, the possibility of more city taxes is leaving one local resident unhappy. When residents of Oswego vote on a proposed half cent sales tax, one local business owner will be checking the "no" box.
"It will be able to raise my tax more than my competitors that are just outside of town," said Bill Trotnic, Oswego Store Owner. 

Bill Trotnic owns a lumber and supply store in the city. He says there was never a need for a tax in the past. 
"They're putting another sales tax on the few businesses left here in Oswego to collect to make up for city mistakes," said Trotnic. 

"These aren't things we want to do. These are things we have to do," said Glenn Fischer, City of Oswego Mayor. 

Mayor Glenn Fischer says the increase would generate $80,000 a year. The money will help the city meet state mandates and finishing ongoing projects.

"The professional building here that's falling down, that's going to need to be torn down. All of our street signs have to be replaced with reflective type signs. That's a $30,000 hit," said Mayor Fischer.  

Mayor Fischer says a sales tax lets the city avoid increasing property taxes to get the money.

"It's the most fair tax there is. Everybody pays for it, everybody in town, as well as anybody that comes through town," said Mayor Fischer. 

Trotnic just wants the city to live within their budget that is formed each year instead of adding the tax increase.

"You can't continue to do, just spend, spend, spend. I can't do that with my business, and neither can the city," said Trotnic. 

Fischer says the money would also be used to help fund the library and repair storm sewers throughout the city. Voting will take place tomorrow at city hall. If the city does vote for a half cent sales tax, it will go into effect on July 1st.

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