Opal Foods Now Headquartered in Neosho

By Carla Pesono

Published 06/24 2014 09:14PM

Updated 06/24 2014 10:45PM

NEOSHO, MO.--- Opal Foods has taken over Moark Egg Production in Neosho and is expanding its operations there. The company took ownership of Moark's midwest's assets last month, which includes 250 operations in Missouri and Colorado.

"Land O'Lakes has actually put quite a bit of investment in this area. Most of the farms here are new and of the latest technology," said Jerry Welch, Opal Foods General Manager.

Opal Foods General Manager Jerry Welch says the company is in the process of adding eight 100,000 bird aviary cage-free houses.

"Best way to explain it, it's almost like a jungle gym. You look inside the building, the birds are free to roam and there's a system that they can get up into, that's a nest system, where they can lay their eggs," he said.

This expansion was started by Moark's Land O'Lakes, Opal Foods is just continuing it.

"The cage-free category of eggs is probably the fastest category of eggs in the supermarkets right now," he said. 

By Opal Foods expanding their operations, it's also helping Neosho residents by bringing in 55 jobs.

"The business was started here, the corporate office was here for years and years, and I think it's just roots in this community," said Welch. 

Welch says the fourth bird house will be completed in about six weeks, and the final four will be completed in about a year.

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